Google’s Android is a phenomenon that it draws much attention from around the world. The important discussion about Android is its openness that it gives more convenience for the third parties to do what they want to this operating system. However, for being open doesn’t mean make everything easier because Google has their perspective about this openness.

Google actually allows only their close partners to execute any change or chop up the Android OS to their liking, which means customers will never be able to install any app, change the look, or update the newest version as they like. The close partners here include mobile operators or phone manufacturers.

This strict openness can be figured out through the pre-installed apps come with the new Android-based phones. If you want to install more app into the Android phone, you have to get the apps from Google’s official app market only because apps from other than this market will not be supported.

Customers who expected the latest updated version should as well wait a long time. Apparently, the updates sometimes are made available only for particular phones. The more surprising thing is not only Google’s openness about its OS but there are more things that the company’s partners cannot change.

As close partners, they don’t have total control over the Android-based phones they manufactured. Take one as an example, Motorola found it difficult to move forward with this OS when their effort to swap out Google’s built-in location services for a competing service from a Skyhook Wireless was stopped forcedly by Google.

In fact, Google also made another restriction besides Android. The company is claimed to be inconsistent with their web video technology as well. The issue with Google’s keeping secret with their search and advertising algorithms seems like contrasting their openness.

On the other hand, the way Google keeps their secret algorithms is somehow making sense because they prevent this vital information to fall into their competitors’ hand. So, Google will likely continue their secrecy and let the information stay closed for ever if this could be.

The Google’s openness delivers specific meaning like this will only be open when it is advantageous for Google. Still, Google is a huge company with brighter future so it gives them reason to do whatever they want as long as it is favorable. But Google has become a great source and helpful for many people around the world and this is undeniable.

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