In fact, along the vast development of laptop, the internet also offers higher performance that you can now instantly connect to internet on all Wi-Fi hotspots. You don’t need to carry your modem or to support the notebook with router because this wireless connection helps you to access internet pretty fast.

Even many devices like smartphones are equipped with Wi-Fi nowadays so you can also connect your devices on hotspot areas. Other benefits you can get from wireless network is that the possibility to share files between family computers and transfer any document, photo, and music with many types of electronic devices such as speakers, printers, photo frames, etc.

Speaking of smartphones, those devices are not only cellular phone, they are portable computers used as media players, web browsers, as well as instant messengers. Now, many cellular phones and smartphones at least include Bluetooth with many functions. You can listen to the music transferred from your device to Bluetooth-enabled speaker and there are many other Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect with.

Thanks to internet that you don’t have to watch your favorite movies at home through VHS tapes, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs because you are offered with another option like online media service. You can access thousands of movies or TV shows with your mouse of remote control and enjoy with your family. More interestingly, throughout the internet you can also opt for online gaming services if you are one of game freaks.

Other two significant evidences of the vast improvement of technology are social networking like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace that help you to make friends online. Another one is flash storage which forces you to leave your floppy disk behind.

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