There are tremendous changes happened during last decades, especially about technology. The 1990s computers, internet, and many types of consumer electronics had transformed from something odd to something useful and important that people start considering them as needs.

Also, people are witnessing the vast growth of social networking, the slow death of wires, and the rapid development of both entertainment and business in technology. The products of technology have become so entertaining and functional like gadgets, computers and other instruments most people have today.

To be honest, there is a wide range of technology products that are impressive and through this article you would learn the 10 most influential technology advances that had driven many people’s attentions.

First comes first is Flat-Panel TVs/HDTVs. These electronic instruments bring high-definition image to your home so you can enjoy watching excellent quality of visual moving images played on your Blu-ray Disc. With a Blu-ray player, you can now leave your old VCR or those VHS tapes. The 1990s TV and today’s HDTV are different, let’s say you can have only 300,000 pixels on 480p display, whereas the 1080p one offers you up to 2,000,000 pixels. You can view your favorite movie in extreme details and you will not miss every action during the scenes.

The second most influential instrument is DVRs that allow you to record your favorite TV show whenever you are not able to watch it for being very busy or working late. DVRs are designed with the ability to record and you can playback the recorded shows simply by using a few button presses on your remote. This way, you can even play the previous episode to see the greatest moment of your favorite characters.

Earlier, TiVo made DVR famous and now each major cable and satellite provider offers some form of digital video recorder. Hence, you can forget being busy on working on your cassette tapes or unhelpful LED displays on top of the VCRs.

As the cyber space starts to drastically grow today, we should remember how it was so hard to get internet connection in 1990s. Your computer must have modem and wait it to dial into internet over the phone lines on amazing speeds of 56,600 bits per second. Even you might only be able to access several hours per month.

Today, the internet connection begins to spread in every corner around the world and it is always on. Moreover, most of the places offer fast uploading, downloading, and communicating process. Today’s connection has faster speeds than the old dial-up service.

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