Besides the handsets or computers, applications have become other attractions for buyers when they purchase one of the devices they like. With the number of applications support particular device, buyers may consider whether the device is worth purchasing or not. Also, the way how they can get the application may influence level of interest for buyers. Therefore, speaking of this application, Apple has made plan to open the new online store for apps provided for their consumers as well as gives opportunity to application developers to sell their creation.

Continuing the bright success of iPhone e-commerce model, Apple delivered another plan to start an online store that will be providing consumers the option to purchase Mac applications at about January 6th early next year. According to the plan, the Mac App Store will be provided to shoppers in 90 countries at its launch day. The applications available will be both paid and free and they will come in categories like games, graphics & design, education, lifestyle, productivity, and utilities.

This online store will be dedicated for the Mac platform, similarly to the App Store which is available for the iPhone, as stated by Steve jobs, Apple CEO. By making the plan into realization, this Mac App Store can become one of the coolest tech buys on earth.

Jobs added that App Store revolutionized mobile apps and the company expects the same plan for PC apps with the Mac App Store by making finding and buying PC apps easy and fun. 

Similar to the iPhone store, through Mac App Store, independent developers who create and sell their applications will receive the 70% of the profits. Moreover, the independent application developers also do not need to pay any marketing, hosting, or credit card processing fees.

Apple actually trust the strategy to invite the developers’ attractions away from Microsoft’s Windows ecosystem which comes under pressure from iOS and Android-based tablets from Samsung and other companies, as well as smartphones.

However, the fact arouse shows that Microsoft’s Windows continues to possess more than 90 percent of the PC operating system market, apart from the recent buzz around Apple. Windows also holds a stake of just over 5 percent as noted by the most recent data available. Regarding this issue, Jobs felt doubt expecting the Mac App Store’s launch will be able to boost that number expressively.

Further information stated that Mac App Store client is provided as a free download for consumers who run Mac operating system X “Snow Leopard” users. Based on Tuesday afternoon trading, Apple shares were increase 55 percent to $323.99.

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