The company that has been expanding their business into smartphone, Dell, was lately stated that they are going to replace the current employee’s BlackBerry smartphone with Dell smartphones which is planned to run Windows 7. Accordingly, this taken movement is said to be able to save 25%. However, Research In Motion appears to doubt the plan.

Similar to the action taken by Microsoft, that forbids Apple from walking into their area, Dell is going to keep RIM out of their workplace. According to Dell spokesperson, there are 25,000 Dell’s employees to move their present handset into Dell smartphone. The company smartphone to offer is Windows 7-running Venue Pro as a replacement to RIM device.

As quoted from Wall Street Journal, the employees who already with BlackBerry device can receive Venue Pro smartphones that pack voice and data plans, whereas other employees can also receive Dell phones but without data plans and the emailing task will be carried out through Wi-Fi.

The plan has already been considered after the employees started asking for high-end handset and Dell seriously thought about how to accommodate them cost-efficiently. This plan was actually begun to be on the project several months ago. The company doesn’t need to worry about losing BlackBerry servers, since Dell already has a solid server business. With this chance, the company targets to save 25% in mobile communication costs.

Still based on Wall Stree Journal report, Dell has talked with Microsoft and T-Mobile about the plan. Brian Gladded, Dell CFO, said to Journal that it was obvious the company would be in a very tight competition with RIM since they were kicking them out.

Responding the fact about Dell kicking RIM out of their workplace, the RIM’s senior vice president, Mark Guibert, declined the action to become a threat to the company. He even mentioned that Dell’s ability to offer business much of savings is doubtful.

It is known that RIM has put its hardest effort to compete with companies like Apple and Android handset makers over the past years. Especially the remarkable feature of fast push e-mail and trusted security has invited great responses from market.

Guibert added that BlackBerry is more cost-efficient as well as it gives respect to data usage, in this matter Dell is only looking for a little free publicity. He said that Dell should consider more about all hard and soft costs of purchasing, deploying and supporting new devices with new software inside a company.

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