You must have heard the rumor – or a fact – that Google has the risk for being hampered in spreading its coverage over china. This has brought about anxiety for Android smartphones to run Google in it. Thus, it has been reported lately that Motorola and Microsoft have decided to draw Bing to the most Android smartphones spread in China’s phone market.

As Android smartphones will start to enter China, phone manufacturer considers putting Bing as search engine into the devices. Bing is one of the world’s giant search engines besides Google that starts to get more popularity. This Bing’s search engine application will be preloaded in the Android handsets so users will get this application integrated and ready to use after installation.

As additional information, of course it is really surprising – or shocking is the right word – that Google is in a critical situation learning about its uncertain future in China. Google is still holding up the decision whether to stay or leave China regarding to the nation’s security and censorship issues. Therefore, with Google’s uncertainty, Motorola should take smart initiative to include proper search engine into its latest Android smartphones before it is too late.

Apart from Google issue, Motorola is apparently will give the Android smartphones users a pre-loaded Bing bookmark and widget. Perhaps this is another way Motorola endured in keeping users’ trust and expectation over the Android smartphones. Furthermore, it is as well reported that Bing is going to be launched in China in the first quarter through an over-the-air update for existing handsets. (fallen)

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