Recently, Google has officially launched the Android 2.2 software update for its marvelous smartphone, Nexus One. According to Google, you will be able to get several latest features to be installed on your Nexus One like Adobe Flash and the ability of mobile hotspot.

It is confirmed that the update for Android 2.2 will be delivered gradually and you will get the notification about the latest update by the end of the week. Through a message sent to you, the notification will allow you to learn the exact time to download the Android update for your Nexus One. Normally, there will be notification bar on your phone where you can download the update from.

Google stated that Android 2.2 update, with the build code of FRF85B, is the official release that is really recommended for your Nexus One. If you already download the unofficial update of Android 2.2 on your phone before, which is the FRF50 or FRF72, you are suggested to replace it with the official one. However, if you can hardly wait to update your Nexus One, you are given another option to pick the manual download by following particular instructions from Google.

In specific, Android 2.2 is the latest operating system from Google that has been completed with significant improvements. By updating your Nexus One with this Android 2.2, your smartphone will be updated with significant improvement especially for its performance both browser speed and overall speed. Besides, this latest update is compatible for Adobe Flash 10.1, therefore it enables you to view the Flash elements on the page you are visiting.

Moreover, another improvement Google carried out is the capability of your Nexus One to change itself into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. This way you can connect more than eight compatible devices to internet simply by using your smartphone. Surely, you will need to pay extra charge for this service because AT&T delivers this service at certain cost.

More importantly, Android 2.2 presents you the on-screen camera buttons and another attractive capability which is the use of LED flash when you record video. Another marvelous feature you can utilize is the mobile protection through numeric and alphanumeric password options.

Additional information stated that the first Android-based phone to get the Android 2.2 update is Nexus One, of course by learning that it is Google’s own smartphone. Since the update doesn’t include the custom user interface, you will not need to adapt the updated operating system. Meanwhile, other Android-based smartphone like Motorola and HTC will provide the update little awhile because these manufacturers plan to develop their Android user interfaces. Accordingly, Motorola is going to employ Motoblur UI whereas HTC will come with Sense UI.

Additionally, the Android 2.2 update for HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Evo 4G, and HTC Desire will be available in several coming months and the next Motorola Droid X is predicted to receive the update by summer. Unfortunately, this Android 2.2 update will be incompatible with earlier Android phone such as HTC Hero or T-Mobile G1.

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