With a huge number of the internet users that is covering people from teenagers to elders, internet becomes something many people may not leave without. Almost the smallest thing they are seeking will be able to be found throughout this virtual world. However, internet has become a focus of concerns of many people all over the world, especially about its safety.

It is obvious that the influence of internet use has become a significant focus especially its impacts to children. Recently, an event which was the 5th Annual Cox Teen Summit that focused on the influence of internet toward children was thrown to remind people especially parents about what the cyber world may bring to their children.

This event was held last June 15th by Cox Communication and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or NCMEC and took place in Washington D.C. During the event, many teens from all parts of the nation were invited to be involved in a discussion with the topic taken was the safety issue in the cyber world.

Particularly, the discussion of the Cox Teen Summit mentioned the vital issues of online safety that may endanger the internet users mainly teens are including sexting, cyberbullying, and also the emergence of social media posts that may give a long-term impact to those teens related to their reputation in the digital world.

With the appearance of famous host in America, John Walsh, the discussion was carried out to deliver the topic into deeper understanding regarding the impact of the internet to many teens as well as the type of trends that possibly had changed many teens’ behavior.

This America’s Most Wanted host also introduced the guest panelist and famous social media expert, James Andrews who joined the discussion in this Cox Teen Summit to give many points of view about the hot issue occurred. Through this discussion, it is found out that the most significant factor that will control teens’ behavior in using internet is parents’ control.

In fact, parents are the most vital parts that should give tutorial as well as controls to their children when using internet so these children will not be misled and fall into the situation that may jeopardize their life.

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