The charm Apple’s spreads to all technology enthusiasts will likely never going to stop in any nearer future. almost all of Apple’s products have become what their fans dreamed of. iPhone’s popularity has been tempting many users since its first arrival, it is also a surprising thing that without any exceptions many Microsoft’s employees do own this Apple device too. However, the fact that the competition between Microsoft and Apple is getting really tight, exposing and operating iPhone at Microsoft office won’t be easy tasks for the employees.

The total number of Microsoft’s employees who are using iPhone may be disappointing to the company. Microsoft’s employees who own iPhone are estimated reaching 10.000 or 10 percent from the total employees spread across the world. This estimation is indicated based on the number of Microsoft corporate email accessed through iPhone.  

According to trusted source, a situation when many Microsoft executives show their unwilling attitude toward iPhone forces the employees to use the Apple’s product behind their boss’ back. Accordingly, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, is one of the Microsoft executives who shows the same antipathy.

Wall Street Journal informed that Ballmer was really upset knowing that an employee was caught in the act capturing his figure with iPhone when he attended an internal meeting. Ballmer then asked and took the iPhone from the employee, put it on the floor, and stepped on it playfully.

Moreover, there is a special policy regarding the employees’ cell phone bill account. The company promised to restitute the employees’ cell phone bill account only if they use Windows phone. However, the policy seems weak since almost half of the Microsoft’s employees decided to keep the iPhone even though they can’t pull out the phone from their pockets whenever they are in Microsoft’s ‘iPhone forbidden’ area. The half number of the employees argued that they must use the iPhone to learn further and identified about the product belongs to their competitor. (fallen)

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