An IBM master inventor, Andy Standford-Clark never stops attempting new invention for the future. Together with his colleagues, he has the set sights for the future. One example is that he recently works on a traffic-light orb which is expected to enable the communication with each other to compile information and feed it back to a central database that makes sense of it.

As a giant computing company, IBM is one of the most reputable inventors for many technologies in the whole world. It has a focus on machine building, however it brings the focus to get closer on software and services nowadays. Even though IBM still builds giant computer servers, one breakthrough that connects between hardware and software applications had been done 11 years ago by Stanford-Clark where he started the project on a messaging platform or MQTT.

MQTT is proved helping the oil and gas companies on monitoring the pipelines. It helped the company to remove the potential error. Today, this technology spread to other fields like healthcare and logistic. Another invention like CICS has been undergoing and still existing after 40 years and keeps helping Britain’s high-street cash machines network.

Other brilliant inventors from IBM, Kevin Brown and Bharat Bedi, are also still developing other projects even after 12 patents already on hands. They are developing a system called Say It, Sign It (SiSi) with the purpose to help the communication with deaf person. It works when user taps in a message that will be translated directly into sign language for a deaf person that will be displayed on an on-screen avatar.

Furthermore, a really creative invention is also under development like the new technology that enables a mobile phone to scan a barcode on laptop and send the scanned information to a whiteboard. Brown and Bedi are expecting this invention would attract people as they stated that it is a realization of business choreography into practice.

Other fantastic inventions in IBM that will attract people’s attentions are so many, like James Bond-like Texas Instruments watch that is able to turn on electric fan with the flick of the wrist, prototype headset for US Technology Company called Emotiv, digital shelf for supermarket that enables the automatic control pricing, and even the minicomputer to measure fuel consumption, liquid flow or simply location. And of course, the great inventions many IBM master inventors have in minds will follow for the brighter future. (fallen)

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