Euphoria of smartphone has brought about a significant change in cell phone market. Almost every month there is a new launching of latest smartphone models from reputable phone manufacturer. And recently, a new arrival of cell phone is coming from one leading company, Acer Liquid from Acer. It is not a coincidental situation that Acer has decided to manufacture and launch the smartphone like it has planned last year. Acer Liquid is a new variant in many smartphone models that is equipped an Android-based system.

Even though Liquid is a new comer in the world of high-tech device, the features it offers are quite satisfying and remarkable. This cell phone is empowered with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that will give smooth and high speed, that is why the horsepower the processor gives attract many users’ attention. To be more specific, other features presented by Liquid are numerous like wide-VGA capacitive touchscreen, 5 megapixels camera, and especially there is ‘no idle-time.’

According to Acer, the sales expectation over the Android-based cell phone it made has extremely increased to 250.000 units from 150.000 to 200.000 units and for the following three years Acer expects that Acer Liquid will give 10% accounts. The higher sale rate, at any rate, proves that Acer could become one best preference for many phone users all over the globe. Moreover, their expectation in 2010 is to raise the sale across the sea between 2 million and 3 million, but with positive and serious effort, Asus believes that this expectation can be realized because it has gained consumers’ trust.

On the other hands, Acer Liquid must face the other superior cell phone with equal power which is Android System like HTC, Samsung, or Motorola. As you have known that other Android-based system phones have taken their place in the mainstream market long before Acer Liquid made its first debut. Nevertheless, knowing the high sale rate Liquid has performed, the competition would be really tough and Liquid will absolutely has its own position in the phone market.

As additional information, Acer is not stopping the cell phones manufacturing until Liquid become old-fashioned one because lately it has announced the new product to be released this year. The manufacturer stated that the following cell phone after Acer Liquid has been under development. This second product which is predicted to release in 2010 will have Microsoft’s Window Mobile platform and Qualcomm’s Brew on board. The other features this new cell phone will carry are absolutely blurry but learning the system it brings the features must be enhanced and gratifying. So, you should be patience and hold up your curiosity until Acer comes up with following information regarding this under development cell phone. (fallen)

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