Entering the new era of 2010, many smartphone manufacturers try to make new resolutions regarding to the growth of the business in the phone market. Leading manufacturers such as Samsung, also plans to produce more supportive and impressive products to give the best service for phone users. Even though new varieties of smartphone thrown in the market are reaching a huge in numbers, there is always possibility for this leading manufacturer to compete the challenging competition.

Tracing back the worldwide selling level in 2009, Samsung has sold their smartphone products for about 6 million in total numbers during that year. And their resolution comes up for 2010 is a huge expectation to sell their products three times in quantities than had been sold in 2009.

To achieve the target, Samsung has made a plan to be more focus for selling the smartphone based on the operating system. As you know that there are many comprehensive operating systems that attract phone users because of the improved functions and facilities like Android, iPhone, or Blackberry, Samsung will see what the majority market expectation is. Thus, Samsung tries to enlarge the variety of operating system on its smartphone to keep on the first line of the leading.

The president of Samsung’s mobile-communication division stated that Samsung will accomplish the effort to advance the growth of industry more than double and this will be a tough task. Surely, this plan covers wide range phone users as the target prospect because users need more impressive smartphone that can give beneficial assistance for them to do their jobs, activities, or even their businesses.

Apart from the both sides’ expectation, Samsung tries to keep up with their biggest competitors, which is LG, that also delivers its expectation to raise the shipments to 20 percents. Even though in the matter of fact LG had performed a quite impressive improvement on its products, it seems strengthen Samsung’s positive plan to reach its goal. (fallen)

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