At a time when the whole world is turning from a huge screen to a much more compact version on their smartphones, it is time you make some improvements to your marketing strategies as well. Yes, you might have been quite successful with your past approaches but, if you don't stay open for change, you might lose out a lot. That's why I am sharing some tips that you can use of in order to make the right mobile marketing strategies.

1. Know the transformation

First and foremost, you should be aware and understand the transformation that has rocked the world. Studies show that the future of marketing is mobile. People spend more time on their phones than in front of any other gadget. This leads us to the conclusion that mobile marketing is one of the most efficient tools to gain the right customers in today's age.

2. Mobile app or mobile website

The current trend requires every company to create its own app in order to communicate with its customers. But, you don't necessarily have to go with that "flow". Sometimes, a website optimized for mobiles will be more effective than a mobile app. Mostly because, people will not want to take the effort of downloading an app, keeping mind of the space constraints on their phones. On the other hand, the app helps you engage with your customers even when there's no secure Internet connection. So, you should first decide whether you will go in for a mobile website or whether it is absolutely necessary to have your own app.

3. Know your customers

You should analyse and have some understanding of the mobile usage of your potential customers, like the type of interface they use, the time at which they are most likely to be free and so on. Based on this data collected, you can make the right decisions and formulate appropriate strategies that can boost your digital brand activity accordingly.

4. Incorporate ASO into your mobile marketing strategy

Understanding App Store optimization (ASO) and incorporating the right strategies can help you gain loads of new customers. What SEO does for your website, ASO does for your app. It helps your app speak for itself in the midst of intense competition. Go through some good resources on ASO and incorporate them into your marketing strategies to generate better awareness.

5. Know your competitor

It's not enough to just know about your products and your potential customers. You should also keep track of your competitors. When you read through and understand their website or app, you will not only stumble upon new ideas but will also know the 'strategies' that makes them successful. You could even introduce improved schemes that can help your business.

6. Be more lenient

Yes, you were very successful with the previous modes of marketing. But, mobile marketing is ever changing. You cannot dive into this just relying on your past experience and success. You should study the current scenario, build the suitable apps and test them accordingly.

7. Checking In-App advertising

Many mobile apps like Twitter allow you to advertise your app. You can advertise your app within another app or through other mobile marketing forums. This will help you in promoting your business effectively. 

It's not just about creating an app that can suit you; it's also about motivating your target audience to download and use the app. If you haven’t yet found Swrve’s Cookbook, make sure you go through it and bookmark as it contains some really actionable insights for the savvy mobile marketer.

8. Consider social media platforms

If you create an attractive social media advertisement for your mobile app, it can help you considerably. It can help you target the right audience very quickly and is cost-effective. This is one of the best ways to promote your business and brand as well.

9. Use Mobile app automation

Mobile app automation is similar to web marketing automation but comes with a new bundle of challenges. You must design the automation in such a way that it can generate a good engagement, retention and lifetime value for your customers.

10. Making use of real-time locations

This is one of the best advantages of mobile marketing. You can target the potential customers within your geographical location making your marketing more effective and productive.

Considering these truths about mobile marketing will definitely help you understand the need for it in your company or business. When you make the right decisions, your company will flourish undoubtedly.

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