Are you looking to engage in direct mail marketing?  Here are important tips you should keep in mind.

You need a quality list

To succeed in direct mail marketing, it is important to know who your audience is and also be able to target them closely with your direct mail marketing campaigns. This is the only way to ensure you get back good returns on your investment of time and capital. However, the dilemma facing many business owners is how to get a list of people to target. Generating lists internally can be difficult and time consuming; or time wasting if you go about it the wrong way. Purchasing dubious lists online is also a great way to get scammed and just annoy people with untargeted emails. It may be worth investing in, or building a list off the back of your social media networks. Develop a list strategy on your website too, and work it for short periods regularly. This could mean offering a free industry guide download, and capturing emails and company details, for example.


You must provide value

There is no point engaging in direct mail marketing if your promotion isn’t going to be value based. The best direct mail campaigns are those that include sales offers, rebates, and bonuses, and so on.  With such a promotion, you will be giving your audience reasons to look, and urgency to purchase right away. 

A good tip is to make the offer time limited so you can maximise your ROI by creating the feeling that prospects will miss out if they don’t act now. You can also measure the success of the campaign by including a coupon code and encouraging them to claim.  Here is more on the impact of promotions

The design must look great

A design that not just stands out but also works to reinforce your message is vital for a successful direct marketing campaign. You can achieve this by following the basic rules of design, but you should also get creative. If you don’t have a professional designer in-house you could outsource to a freelancer, or find a design firm. Some quality print companies, like Print-Print, have templates and design guidance that can help you. Click here for more information if you are looking for a print company that can help you with your design process. 

Work with the best printing company

The importance of working with a good print company cannot be overemphasised.  You need to find a  printer with a solid reputation and quality customer service, and ask them for samples; especially if you are doing a big print run. Most of the best companies will send you free samples so you should take  advantage of this. When making a decision on the company to use, your focus should not be on price alone. The print world is a perfect example of the phrase “you get what you pay for”! 

Make sure your copy is effective

Effective direct mail marketing promotional copy identifies with the target audience through features and benefits. For example, instead of talking about how a pair of sun shades is fitted with UV protection technology, talk about how the technology will save their eyes from the harmful effects of the sun, which is the main benefit; and how it does it better, making them safer. Talk about their pleasure and pain pints; what they are looking to gain from the transaction, or what they are looking to avoid through using the product. In a word, focus on them.

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