Websites are a very powerful tool. Not only are they essential for publicising your business to a local and global audience but they are also rapidly becoming one of the primary ways that customers obtain products or find services. Consequently, it’s extremely important that your business has a website which is eye-catching, easy to use, performs well and most importantly, reflects the core values of your business.

Here are a few pointers on the best type of website features and why they are important.

The look

Clean, minimal, stylish and professional looking websites will help your company appear fresh. They will help new customers to gain confidence in your company; even something as simple as what the website looks like can have a profound effect on customer psychology.

A website which is cluttered, complicated and amateur looking may inadvertently cause an association of those feelings with your company and the service it offers.


Go for fresh, bright and strikingly simple colours. This will help your website stand out. Something like pastel blue and white is a great option (depending on what you’re selling) as the colours are crisp yet inoffensive. Trying to add too many colours to the blend of your website will also make it look messy. A little research into your brand identity and brainstorming a few ideas is a great way to ensure success.


For the main part of the website, it is essential that it performs well. Website performance is the number one reason people tend to stay on a site and navigate through it, rather than immediately going and searching somewhere else.

If your website is slow to load, this will have a profound and dramatic effect on the number of customers who are put off. Simply using a website load testing tool can help to identify any problem immediately.

Website testing tools are inexpensive, easy to use and could help increase business substantially.

The guestbook

You must not underrate having a guestbook on your website, as this is a great way to build customer confidence. Allowing them to see past testimonials of other happy customers will further increase confidence in your brand and help secure potential business. This is turn can increase your search engine ranking which will also help your business to stand out further.

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