We all remember emails when it was the primary form of Internet communication and file sharing a couple of years back. Things have changed haven’t they? Even though we use different avenues to get the message across, email is still one of the top marketing tools for any market. Research has shown (by Forrester Research) that email marketing will grow from $1.3 billion in 2010 to $2 billion in 2014. This is not a surprising number because we all subscribe to our favorite sites when we want valuable information with our morning coffee. 

Growing Your Email List

Getting subscribers is not easy but it is possible. Most visitors to a website usually just browse and leave. If they’re interested they will back to revaluate what you have to offer.

This is the same with emails. You only have so many chances to impress a subscriber. Email lists also diminish about 25% a year so creating multiple campaigns to attract new subscribers is key. A lot of marketers (if we can call them that) purchase email lists. I strongly advise anyone against purchasing email lists because they are not legitimate.

The whole point is to generate new leads with qualified applicants and not random people all the way from Timbuktu. Here are some reasons you want to avoid purchasing an email list:

  1. Turning off the recipient
    a.You know when you get that email you don’t even know if you signed up for? Unsubscribe anyone? 

  2. Getting blacklisted
    a.That’s right folks, you can get actually get black listed on mail servers

  3. Purchased recipients are not engaged
    a.Sure you can get a few clicks here and there but I bet actual subscribers will yield better numbers.

Here are a couple of good, safe ways of growing your email list:

    1. Make sure users can see your subscribe button/box
      a.A lot of large sites have made this their top priority because they know the power of email marketing. Its worth mentioning that you should also think about making the subscribe button a primary call to action.

    2. Too many or frequent emails
      a.There are several companies that I won’t mention (Groupon) that send so many emails that I bet people specifically unsubscribe just because of this reason alone.

    3. Add value
      a.Show them why you’re the boss and how a reader will benefit opting into your email list. After all, your newsletter is different for a reason.


Measuring Your Success Analytically

Just like website analytics through Google, your email marketing must also have some sort of measuring tool. I have to say that Mail Chimp does the job pretty good. Here is a list of things to track analytically that are interesting with little green plane:

  • Click thorough to your website
  • Email opens
  • Location email was opened
  • Top links pie chart

Measuring your email marketing campaigns gives you an opportunity to improve your next strategy. By checking your analytics you can determine what to do next like:

  • Optimizing for mobile devices
  • Tracking social sharing buttons
  • Measuring your CTA

Email List Building 101 Concluded

You don’t just give out your email address just because a site looks pretty. As long as you apply some principle email ethics and show a clear value there shouldn’t be an issue with new subscribers or retaining current subscribers. The point here is to reduce the number of people that want to unsubscribe and increase conversion and lead numbers. And remember to track (not follow) industry leaders in this field like Peep Laja, HubSpot or little green plane.

Puya Turkiyan is an architecture specialist helping various companies around the lower mainland in beautiful British Columbia.

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