Rapid development in technology influences many sectors significantly today and one of those given great impact is business. For instance, the growing popularity of social media can be actually made use in a very optimum way for many CEO in companies to improve their selling. However, they don’t understand about this great chance yet that they keep treating social media as billboard or television just to spam, blast, and sell their products or services.

Their marketing strategy should be modified and corrected because there is bigger opportunity to reach the companies’ target through social networks. Another essential factor most CEOs should give serious attention to is regarding the changes of consumers’ behavior. These changes occur suggestively along with the changes in technology. So, the previous method of vertical marketing should be altered into horizontal marketing with marketer as connector.

On the contrary, with greater opportunity to hold bigger market share using social media, many CEOs show slow responses about the changes which are quite revolutionary. Some of them come with opinions saying that by joining social media, their products will be attacked by consumers or the strategy the use will be beneficial for their competitors. That’s why they are reluctant to use social media.

Speaking of this vast development of technology especially internet with the euphoria of social media, what most CEOs need nowadays is to change their mindset about marketing strategy and realize that their marketing ways can be so effective if only they join the social media and get involved into relevant community.

In general, according to particular book of marketing strategy using social media, CEOs should scrutiny several points that affect their marketing in social media. These include giving, conversation, listening, sharing, caring, empathy, trust, and friendship.

Those factors will then be used as a framework of guidance to step the next stage which is to define the best strategy and tactic. In this stage, a company or brand takes a vital action by setting the target, identifying the same importance, building conversation, activating, and collaborating.

The marketing strategy using social media is easy. If you sell products like baby cereal, you don’t need to make the page as billboard to expose the products, but by giving valuable information most mothers need regarding their children. From the information given, visitors who think that those information important may start ordering your products and telling their friends or family about it.

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