A blog is one of the many ways used by people to show their existence. Besides, it is a new trend to perform their creativity. They are able to share many things in variety of forms including video, writing, music files, images and so forth.

There are a huge number of benefits from a blog. That’s why, it is imperative for you knowing how to create a blog. Here are the ways how to make a simple blog if you will. The main steps are fours. Firstly, register a Goggle account for you. It is the main requirements. After having an account in Google.com, go to control panel and choose the language preferred. Then, click “Create Your Blog”

Secondly, you will get such a blank for your further identities. Fill the blank as you are. You enable to use the email datum freely. it do not have to use your Gmail. Then, click the accepting statement as the agreement of you with the requirements and provision. Do not forget to fill the verification column to go to the next step.

Thirdly, after the second step, you will get a new form about naming the blog. If you could not enter this step, it must be any trouble in the verification step, so you need to retry that step. For the naming step, make sure you get the name which is unique and represent what you want to fill on the blog. Also make sure it is easy to spell and remember.

Fourthly, design the blog. After the third step has been done well, you will need to choose the template as the design of the blog. Choose the design as your taste and fit to the name and theme.

If the existing template is not enough for you, you enable to install your own template. However, you should choose the existing template previously to finish the process. Click the dot beneath the template you choose and execute the process.

The further steps, you enable to arrange the lay out, the existing elements and the theme change. However, your blog is ready to use and could be accessed by other people across the globe.  Do not forget to update the content and maintain the blog properly.

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