The card payment industry harbors stiff competition just like any other sector in the financial economy. With merchants that sell directly to customers, the independent sales organizations (ISOs) at times find survival in the business much threatened. Dealers that sell directly to merchants tend to cut out the services of the independent sales organizations locking them out of business.

Such normally create hard times for these ISOs. In the middle of this difficult situation, the ISO industry is not completely without market though. A mobile payment tech company VeriFone relies more on these independent sales organizations to spread out its range of services to smaller stores.

Apparently the Mobile Money marketplace has not had a robust and convenient solution for the acceptance challenge to mobile money payment services. VeriFone Mobile Money is coming in to deliver the much-needed custom retail mobile services. It is working with leading ISOs to provide secure contactless payment services to different clienteles. The devices it uses are much secure and its point-of-sale facilitator the Mobile Money Payments Switch ensures much speedy and easy acceptance of mobile money at the point of sale. 

In addition, VeriFone Mobile Money uses secure tech support merchant account from leading service providers like eMerchantBroker whose services can be accessed at These approaches build a secure end-to-end platform that merchants can trust for confidently offering their subscribers unaffected and scalable mobile services.

Defining an independent sales organization

According to the payment card industry, an ISO is defined as any individual or organization that has no membership to any Association. This implies that an ISO is not member of a Visa or MasterCard bank, but has a bank-card relationship with a real Association member. 

Such a relationship may involve different things, which may include acquisition functions or functions of issuing, and soliciting new customers. Making of arrangements for leases or terminal purchases, soliciting cardholders and providing customer service are some of the things that are involved.  

The approach taken by VeriFone is however more of partnership that client-service provider. The approach create a great level of confidence not only among the customers but the companies they work with as well. So while some other competitors are turning their backs on the ISOs, VeriFone gets true value from working with them instead. Other that creating great services to the market, this also ensures that the tech company stays on top of competition at all times.

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