Well, everyone needs reasonable argumentation to prove that Windows Phone 7 series is one step ahead from iPhone. Let’s check what kind of evidence it brings.

iPhone offers you capacitive touchscreen interface that already attracted many users but it locks users into specific grids, on the other hand Window Phone 7 series presents a Zune HD-like functionality that allows the features to be accessible easier and users can easily move around the interface, also it runs more smoothly. The entertainment features in iPhone is really obvious. iPhone is incorporated to iTunes, this could be one of many reasons iPhone becomes so famous. However, Windows Phone 7 series seems like to bring more than ordinary entertainment. Special software is going to be included so you will be able to deliver music or movies from the phone to Zune Marketplace and you can recommend certain songs to other Windows Phone 7 or Zune’s users through Zune Social.  Moreover, radio FM is another alternative to entertain you that iPhone doesn’t own it.

Next functionality is that Windows Phone 7 series serves you with a full Office features inside it, therefore you can create, edit, and share Office documents. Unfortunately, although iPhone is somehow integrated to the office productivity, the performance is unequal to Windows Phone 7 series. Well, let’s go further to the gaming feature, it is one feature that iPhone can’t bring up. Windows Phone 7 series allows you to play attractive games through Xbox Live gaming online where you can communicate with friends or other Xbox Live right from your phone.

Social community network never stop growing and becoming more popular from time to time. It is proved that iPhone suggests you to download social-networking applications from Apple’s App Store, conversely if you choose Window Phone 7 series you do not need to download because it is already built in the device. Facebook and Twitter are integrated and ready to connect you.

Windows Phone 7 series is a paid vendor model. It means that Microsoft has good plan to improve the phone technology and maintain its position in phone market by viewing the idea if vendors are willingly paying the software they would not let it for waste. Thus, they might make great improvement using this Windows Phone 7 series and it would help Microsoft to have its important position as reputable software provider. Furthermore, Microsoft decided to cooperate with several network carriers so it would give Microsoft chances to gain more population of users. Meanwhile, iPhone is only signed to single network carrier. Besides, Microsoft has already gained enterprise support which is SharePoint.

As you know that iPhone is only integrated to single network carrier, but Microsoft covers wider carriers’ users so it supplies more promising availability than iPhone does. Lastly, it is fact that Windows Mobile’s market share happens to move to the lower level whereas iPhone’s keep increasing. iPhone is able to stand firm on its good position in the market because the special software they created. Nevertheless, Microsoft is still working harder to create new standard market so it may change the market situation in the future. (fallen)

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