After releasing the latest 5-inch Streak tablet, Dell is on its plan to launch the company’s second Android tablet in the nearer future. As quoted from The Wall Street Journal’s story, this next generation of Android-based tablet will come as either 7-inch and 10-inch machine.

The upcoming device had actually been showed to public by Dell’s founder and chief executive, Michael Dell, at Oracle conference, however the specific information regarding the device wasn’t revealed during the event. But it seems that Dell’s plan to launch tablet with larger screen is a strategy to present a new handheld device to public.

Surely, this plan had been uttered before as the general manager of the tablets division Neeraj Choubey, said in February that Streak or Dell 5 Mini was the first device to be rolled out in the series. Choubey added that Dell is about to start growing a family of tablets.

Many company runs in computer industry, including Dell, are trying to develop more tablet devices after Apple launched iPad and gained extraordinary success. Each of the company had told the public that the device designed to compete the Apple’s iPad.

As proofs, lately some leading companies like Samsung, BlackBerry, and Kno announced new products in tablet line series to keep up with the popularity of iPad. BlackBerry’s Research in Motion came with a 7-inch tablet namedly BlackBerry PlayBook . This tablet is designed specifically for business users and consumer and it is about to release at the first quarter of next year.

Taking similar strategy with BlackBerry, Samsung introduced a 7-inch tablet entitled Galaxy Tab. The company stated that the device would be available coupled with four major carriers in US that are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Meanwhile, Kno focused on students as the main consumers to market the tablet. The device will be around as 14-inch single screen and dual-screen tablets. Kno claimed the machine will meet the market by the end of the year.

The eagerness of those companies to launch tablet to the mainstream market may be strengthened with the fact of the total amount of iPad sold worldwide that reached up to 3 million.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s plan to release Courier tablet has been canceled, but the rumor spread informed HP is starting the cooperation with Palm webOS on next tablet products. Indeed, apart from Dell’s upcoming 7-inch tablet, Streak seems like becoming a super-sized phone than a tablet and it is also tagged in a phone’s price coupled the 2-year contract on AT&T.

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