Any security firm will tell you that visitor safety is a two way street. Not only do companies need to protect the safety of visitors on their premises, but they also need to protect their company from visitors with hidden agendas. In the past, seeing to the safety of visitors was usually delegated to security staff, but new innovations have taken a huge amount of the burden off their shoulders. Visitor management systems and proprietary visitor management software have provided innovative ways to protect visitors and the company all at the same time.

An Overview of Visitor Safety Systems

Briefly, a Visitor Management System is a computer network within the company that logs visitors in when they reach the main entry. Sometimes the visitor is responsible for logging in through a user-friendly application set up at the front desk. Other times a staff member enters all the vital information so that every person in the building is accounted for at all times. As a side note, many companies also use Visitor Management Software to monitor all employees in the building as well.

Mitigating the Risk of Operational Hazards

One of the greatest features of this particular type of software is that visitors can read safety and security policies before being allowed entry. By giving what is called a ‘digital signature,’ they are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set forth in company policy. Many companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, involve the use of hazardous materials that could cause injury or harm to an untrained person. That digital signature mitigates the amount of risk the company would face in the event the visitor was in some way injured during the visit.

Ensuring the Security of Proprietary Products

Some companies work with highly sensitive information or proprietary products. It is essential to guard any information which could be used by competitors. There is no secret that some competitors will ‘plant’ visitors to gain information during a walk-through. Yes, it sounds like something from a James Bond movie, but you hear of these things every day in the news. That is why registered trade names and copyrights are so important. By knowing where a visitor is at all times, it is much easier to guard any information or product specs which could translate into a loss for the company itself, or its clients.

Truly, visitors can be the lifeblood of a company by bringing back with them a better understanding of what it is you do and can offer them. However, it is important from a human and business perspective to ensure the safety of visitors whilst they are on your premises. 

As well, it is imperative to safeguard what it is that you do in order to ensure continued success. Visitor management systems and corresponding visitor management software designed by MT Services has all the features your company needs to know who is in the building at any given moment. You will know when they arrived and at what time they left. It is your job to keep them safe and this system can certainly help you do just that.

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