EaseUS Todo BackupThe backup might be a lengthy process, but if you have the right assistance, then it will not take much time in completing the process. Exchange backup is very important and so is the SQL server backup, but how do you go through the tedious job in a hassle free manner? Simple, you will have to take the help of software, which will not reduce your effort, but will also not create a huge hole in your pocket. The EaseUS Todo backup advanced server is a great tool with the help of which you can accomplish the feat without much ado. The price is also half the competitor’s price, so you already have a great deal and the single click system will save you loads of time as well. The procedure is simple and easy, moreover, the software will also help you in restoring it as well. The business data is very crucial, so you will have to ensure that you use something, which is reliable as well as secure and EaseUS Todo backup advanced server suits the bill perfectly.

The backup types

If you are trying to take SQL server backup, then there are three types of backup possible for this. You can either go ahead with the full backup or you can also opt for the transaction log or differential backup. The full backup is where you will get to take backup of entire data present and then store them in a specific database. Not just that, it also helps in recovering the data as well.

If you now go for the differential backup, then you must know that it can only happen, when you already have a full backup done already. Differential backup is something that backup only those data that has been changed since last backup. As the name suggests, it only picks up the content that was not there last time.

It is time for the transaction log backup, which is the transaction’s serial record that takes place since the last backup transaction log. This is also possible when you complete the full backup first.

NAS (Network –Attacked Storage)

If you are thinking what NAS is all about, then here is a sneak peek into the fact. NAS is actually file level data storage, which is connected to the computer network that provides data access to innumerous clients. It operates on a file server and is quite crucial too, therefore NAS backup becomes imperative. It is assumed to be the most powerful storage technology that you can share at the office and home easily. The reason behinds its popularity is the convenience with which the users can make use of it. When you add NAS to any network, then it becomes accessible to all devices in that network and also utilizes its storage. The common use of NAS devices are as the backup servers, so you can use it in this manner too. The technologies present in the NAS device make it easier to share the files too.

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