Without a doubt, producing a new media-driven app designed to work with Google Chromecast and its global appeal would be a major benefit to your company or organization. However, before production can begin, you have to understand exactly what Chromecast is and what it can do for you. This Google product is quickly becoming a major player in the streaming device market, gaining popularity for its convenience and price.

Chromecast is a platform and device that allows users to transmit information from a variety of source media, such as computers and smartphones, to other screens and viewing platforms. For example, it allows you to ‘cast’ (so to speak) website content, music, and video—whatever is on your computer or smartphone screen—to a wide-screen, high-definition television. And it’s as simple, small, and user-friendly as a flash drive; in fact, it plugs into the USB ports on your screen, alleviating fuss and installation worries. Check out this article to get a more thorough overview of product specifics and start getting excited over how Chromecast can make your apps even more cutting edge.


To make apps compatible with this platform, you need to incorporate several characteristics. For one, they need the capability to work with both iOS and Android operating systems to reach as much of the global market as possible. You’ll want to provide versatility, allowing users to toggle between content while browsing or reviewing other app features. It should be programmed well enough to allow video to play while searches are processed. Beingas creative as possible while programming ease-of-use and simplicity will ensure that the app stands out. Google Cast is the developer technology that allows users to not only transmit content, but control the playback (and the subsequent features) on the same device, available for both Android and iOS.

A careful consideration of the media you want to engage with is the first step toward building a great Chromecast-compatible app, and it’s an early conversation to have with your fully integrated mobile app development company. Your chosen company should fully realize the industry drivers and features most in demand by users, as they should be experts in mobile applications. They’ll know the importance of free streaming videos, subscriptions to cable networks and movie rental companies, and having access to live television and radio broadcasts. Take a look at this post for more information on the best Chromecast apps currently available. This is a complex industry, and should always be left to the most professional development companies—their expertise is critical throughout the entire design and development process.

Naturally, finding the pioneers and industry-leaders in the field of app development will take some careful research and patience. The most accomplished mobile development companies will have a proven track record with major projects for important clients. They should offer a stellar range of services that will ensure a totally customized final project, getting your input at every stage of development. A great example of such a company is the Toronto-based Clearbridge Mobile (www.clearbridgemobile.com), which has a lengthy history of delivering impressive results. Their agile artistic, marketing, and technical departments will truly value you as a team member—and indispensible part of the creative process—and will be upfront and communicative about budgets and deadlines.

Once they review a vast amount of research and analyses of industry trends, they can design and develop an app that’s perfect for your needs and customers. For a Google Chromecast-compatible application, you can’t leave important decisions to fly-by-night organizations or small boutiques. Trust in the most comprehensive mobile app development studios and produce the most stunning, interactive, and user-friendly apps you possibly can.

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