After being excited long-drawn after the release developer preview on the event of Google I/O in last June, the name of the newest Android is finally announced by Google. Yup! The name is Lillipop. So, all names have been reviewed by android media along the time is wrong. Actually, Lollipop has been mentioned by people a lot but some other people sure that the name is not it. In fact, they are sure that the name is Lemon Meringue Pie.

Lollipop is the biggest update throughout the history of android. For this time, Google is definitely remodelling the operating system which has been used by billions people across the globe, including giving more easiness to the application developers who often get stuck about the screen size matter.

It is because Android Lollipop brings new standard appearance which is usually called Material Design.

What specifications that makes Android Lollipop interesting?

Material Design

A new standard for android appearance can be used by  application developers to increase the appearance of their application, to make it more comfortable for users.

Last Longer Battery

One of the new features added on the Android Lollipop is Battery Saver. This feature can extend the battery lifetime about 90 minutes. Activate the feature when the battery is almost running out.


Lollipop is encrypted automatically. Actually, it is not a new feature, but now Google will push the system to encrypt all data in the memory. 

Multiple users

This feature is totally sophisticated. So, when you have not brought your smartphone, you still can access the SMS, call and even see the photo gallery only by login to your friend’s smartphone which also use Lollipop.

Improvement and Connectivity

Improvement and connectivity of Lollipop internet is clearly seen when you are in connectivity movement such as moving from Wi-Fi to Data or vice versa. Thanks to this app, changing the network will not make the connection disconnected.

ART (Android Runtime)

The position of runtime is beneath the android system, so you cannot see it on the screen. If a phone is a house, runtime is such a foundation. ART is the thing that handles all activities on an android. Google claimed that Android Lollipop can run 4 times faster than Dalvik, the previous runtime.

RAW Image

Lollipop allows camera application to access RAW image from photo taken. The format supported is  YUV and Bayer RAW.

There are many other new features more which are added on Android 5.0 Lollipop, and for you who cannot wait any longer to wait, just wait. There will be coming sooner. 

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