As Microsoft’s latest operating-system launches, it is unfortunate to know that Windows Phone 7 misses the feature of any windows in its interface. Still, there are some backwards that little bit disappointing, learning that other Microsoft products are representing Microsoft’s great ability.

The moment you make a Windows Phone 7-running phone sing to life, the OS presents a set of tiles representing the most-used parts of the handset. The icons bring the tiles for the phone itself, e-mail accounts, text messaging and many more. As you bring your thumb downward and upward, you would see that the display shows you these shortcuts. You are also allowed to add other shortcuts for an application, address-book listing, or web bookmark.

As you swipe a finger left to right across the home screen you would notice the smart and thoughtful move the phone gives you. In fact, the web browser is design for users’ satisfactory. However, the internet explorer of Windows Phone 7 doesn’t keep up today’s iPhone and Android browsers since it gives non-Adobe Flash pages and it doesn’t come with the ability to open multiple pages at one single time.

Compared to iPhone 4 and current Android devices that are able to run six or seven hours for constant stream of Web radio playing and screen mostly lit, Windows Phone 7 is only able to last about four hours in the same test. However, Windows Phone 7 device has better standby battery life than Android since it can survive even after being left over two nights.

Windows Phone 7 handsets use an onscreen keyboard for text input although the auto correction software included doesn’t match the iPhone. Also, some other applications brought onboard are Bing-powered Web and map searches that are recognized to be little less responsive compared to Android’s voice recognition.

Furthermore, the clearest evidence that shows Windows Phone 7 is not so Microsoft is when you establish connection with computer. As you connect the device to a computer, the windows bring you to some choice like web services as Microsoft’s Windows Live and Google’s Gmail and Google Calendar, instead of presenting you the contact and calendars sync with Microsoft Outlook.

In addition, it is impossible for you to treat Windows Phone 7 like an external hard drive since you can only sync the data inside to a computer by using Microsoft’s Zune software of a new sync program for Mac OS X. Transfering files through Bluetooth is also not allowed in an instant way.

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