Seeing the growing popularity of Google’s operating system, it is not surprising when 2.363 developers polled Android has positive long-term future than iOS. As you know that Google and Apple are involving themselves in tight competition because they are making a great effort to invite more users for their operating systems.

Apparently, it is concluded based on the poll that Android’s bright future is also defined through its mobile operating system according to majority of mobile application developers. The survey regarding this fact was conducted by software maker Appcelerator and researcher IDC.

According to September poll, 58.6% of 2.363 developers believed that Android long-term outlook is more positive than iOS learning that iOS only gained 34.9%. It means, Android has greater chance to have more prospects that iOS. Surely, the total number represented a 10-point widening of the gulf started from June. On previous survey conducted by Appcelerator about 3 months ago, there was 54% of mobile developers opinioned that Android’s outlook was brightest compared to iOS’s 40.4%.

Other information appeared showed that Apple is still trying to keep up BlackBerry’s Research In Motion in US market, whereas Google’s Android runs farther this quarter from iOS. In further statement, Appcelerator claimed that Android obtains the advantage from its strategy with developers in embedded devices. Not only gains successes from Android-based smartphone like Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, and Samsung Galaxy S line, but also it starts to enlarge the area through connected TV.

In details, Android is an open source operating system that allows many application developers or vendor to build systems and devices with it. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS has built its own limitation that only Apple may build the system over iOS. That is why 72% of developers believe that Android has more power as it covers a large number and variety of related devices in the coming years than iOS which only has 25% poll.

Even the developers show more confidences through services and devices that haven’t launched like Google TV. It is said that Google TV may become a tough rival for Apple TV, Roku, Boxee and other similar services. In fact, 44% of developers gave opinion that they were very excited in developing for Google TV rather than Apple TV.

Recently, Android is also improving its ability to cover some media tablets to defy Apple’s iPad. Appcelerator added, Android tablet invited approximately 62% strong interest, it means Android has similar passion to the iPad. This serious step is proved with the launching of Dell Streak and Archos as well as upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Other companies to plan launching Android-based tablets are Dell Sharp and Motorola.

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