Apple is on its effort in developing its latest Apple TV. Speaking of Apple TV, you may feel curious what this TV will bring into the horizon as an effort to attract attentions from public. According to Steve Jobs, Apple TV is just one more hobby but in fact there are more reasons the company doesn’t want to share regarding this Apple TV.

It is pretty frustrating that Steve Jobs didn’t reveal whether or not Apple runs iOS which is the same operating system runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Moreover, the software included in Apple TV can be revealed and the hidden software should let you to share Apple TV’s media with other devices runs with iOS.

It seems that the company realizes one significant thing which is Apple TV gained mild success in the past compared to amazingly bestseller devices such as iPhone and iPad. Today, Apple TV has been improved into a streaming rental service by offering some valuable features.

Honestly, some proofs figured out indicate that Apple TV is about to run iOS. Unquestionably, Apple itself has posted a build of iOS 4.1 which is designed for Apple TV. To be more convincing, there is AirPlay as a new feature included in iOS that offers the ability to stream media from iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to Apple TV.

The way how AirPlay works has been shown by Steve Jobs although it was only the way it works with an iPad’s built-in video player, music library, and photo applications. From the given fact that Apple TV runs iOS, other third-party applications like ABC Player or MLB at Bat should as well be able to stream media to the set-top box available.

Furthermore, you can also stream media from some third-party applications wirelessly directly to Apple TV by simply pushing an AirPlay button. This way, AirPlay may become one of great alternatives to bring true entertainment to your home. Learning that Apple TV runs iOS, you can go for a conclusion that in the future you will be able to run applications from iTunes App Store. Even though it is impossible to gain now, the fact Apple TV runs iOS should give a hint of possibility.

On the other hand, although the third-party applications support for Apple TV will be limited, the jail-breaking action may happen. Since users can override restriction over iPad, iPhone, or iPod through a jailbreak, you should be optimistic that unauthorized application will be able to run on Apple TV. As evidence, a tool called Shatter is obviously work with Apple TV.

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