As Android operating system has become sort of phenomenon on earth lately, the number of smartphones that run this OS is growing as well. One of the leading companies that design Android-based smartphone is Samsung. Samsung is the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer that tries to inject Android OS to its devices and now it has made a decision to use Google’s Android as the major software platform for its devices.

This decision comes along with the roll out of the newly-designed software called bada. The head of marketing at Samsung Mobile, YH Lee, stated to Reuters that the company has focus and prioritize the Android platform because this operating system is really flexible and open. Moreover, consumer’s demand has been increasing vastly.

The decision to take Android as the key software platform for most Samsung smartphone is proven through the company’s first hit Android cell phone model which is Galaxy S which has reached a top success of selling over one million devices in USA at the first month since the sales has been announced.

You should admit that Google has extraordinarily become powerful platform once it took further steps ahead and left Microsoft and Apple behind. In fact, by overtaking Microsoft and Apple’s position, Google now becomes the third-largest software platform to stand after Nokia’s Symbian and Blackberry’s RIM.

Furthermore, to stay alert within the competition with Apple’s iPad, Samsung has glided the latest device called Galaxy Tab which is equipped with newest Android software, whereas the second model, Wave 723 phone runs on Samsung’s bada software. When the discussion falls into bada software, it is the software Samsung had launched in the end of last year.

The company’s purpose in designing bada software is as an effort to attract a larger user base by providing cheaper smartphone as you know that cheaper but qualify devices are the best weapon to invite consumers’ attention. The company has introduced the first device to run with bada software this year.

Therefore, to gain the greatest success, Samsung has made a perfect preparation to provide a listings of bada models that is planned to be launched in upcoming quarters. Afterward, the consumers will be overwhelmed with the new models to run Microsoft’s new Windows version from Samsung around this year.

Additionally, Samsung spokesperson argued that the new Symbian-based smarphone is not about to be introduced this year because the company doesn’t see any potential demand from consumers about Samsung devices to run on Symbian platform.

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