Beyond Google’s incredible success over its Android, this company is currently facing a case filed against it. Oracle has filed a federal copyright lawsuit claiming that Android operating system was created on Java software belongs to Oracle without previous agreement.

Google’s Android is already used by some computer manufacturers as smartphones’ operating system as well as operating system to run on computing devices. Dealing with Oracle’s lawsuit, the company stated that Google has violate the patent and copyrights of the Java software in which Oracle has acquired right after the company bought Sun Microsystems this year. In addition, the lawsuit was files in US District Court for Northern California.

Regarding this lawsuit issue, Google is not delivering any comment yet. However, according one analyst, the lawsuit against Google is pretty shocking because Sun had announced its decision to release key elements of the universally used programming language under an open-source license some years ago. This open-source Java software means everyone is allowed to use this software without charges.

Apart from the lawsuit filed, Android is a top mobile platform that has been growing really rapidly. Its growth has reached an extraordinary degree in the first half of this year. Google CEo Eric Schmidt claimed that there are over 200,000 Android-based smartphones appear on the market. In fact, Android OS are being activated almost in every corner of the world each day.

Android’s popularity is proved with the fact that Android is the most wanted smartphone OS in United States. Moreover, Android passed Blackberry’s RIM popularity and became the second most well-known OS on earth after Symbian.

Compared to last year when Android reached 1.8% of becoming world’s operating system running on smartphones, in 2010 Android has 17.2% of internationally smartphone share, it is equal with 10.6 million mobile phones. Blackberry’s RIM follows with 18.2% or 11.2 million devices. In the matter of fact, Symbian still holds its throne as the world’s most famous smartphone OS with its 41.2% global market. Apparently, iPhone and climbing popularity of Android are predicted to take larger portion of Nokia’s market share as well as other OS like RIM and Windows Mobile.

As Android growing enormously, it is an unavoidable fact that Google is about to get revenue from the popularity of its OS. However, Jonathan Rosenberg, a Google senior vice president, said that Google doesn’t expect the revenue from mobile search, it hopes the Android-based mobile phones to raise by 300% on the first half of this year.

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