Android is new system built by Google that gives more improvements in getting information for most users. Google’s Android combines both telecommunication and entertainment that will provide users with many easy alternatives, which one of the main focuses is the easiness in surfing the internet. Since much information is universally available on the internet, users need gadget that gives them everything in time. Android is created and developed to pleasure users to reduce the time saving the information in the phone memory, they can be directly open the information they look for through internet, as we know that internet keeps everything and they are accessible.

Surely, Android system is different from other smart phone. Through the features provided by Android, users can open GPS that leads them into a new look which is GPS 3D. The whole appearances shown in this GPS 3D are absolutely seen like the real one or Augmented Reality. Users will be confuse no more in getting the location they head to.

It is said that the other features presented will be as equal as or even more than iPhone. This based on searching information mobile phone is predicted will replace iPhone on 2012 because Android is invented with an excess of open source.

In the coming times, Android is predicted to have more in sales especially with the idea of collaborating with various mobile phone producers like Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG and so on.  Nowadays, the numbers of Android users are still in minimum level – though the sales rate of Android is high – because the less information and publicity, but soon when people begin to realize and gain information about how useful Android is compare to other smart phones, they’ll make their choice easily. (fallen)

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