Starting the new year of 2010, design trends seemed like opening the chapter of its new page. It is predicted that the web design in 2010 will be more attractive with sort of changes here and there. As you will see that the trends encourage web designers and developers to utilize new features to design more attractively and impressively. And recently, they start their experiment with the new CSS3 and HTML5.

Surprisingly, because of this new change, mobile web design will also be developed comprehensively this year. Thus, let’s see the common features that have been coming out with many new styles.

Previously, Verdana and Arial fonts were dominating the most websites, on the other hand it is predicted that more websites’ new look will be renewed with Serif fonts. Header is going to be shown differently since Big Headings are assumed to get more fans in 2010. You can also see that because of the addition of font list and free quality fonts, many web designers or programmers will prefer custom font embedding.

Furthermore, as you can see that the design of minimalist and grid have become people’s favorite in the past couple years and they still hold their popularity now, thus the prediction given is that minimalist and grid design will keep on the rise this year. Website’s background decides the attractiveness of certain website and in the coming years the common used background will be replaced with subtle and texturized background.

There are a bunch of new features that have been attracting many designers. These handy features are rounded corners, multi-column, multi background, images, border images, and animation. Unfortunately, not all browsers can support these new features, however they will be applied during the experiment.

Additionally, the next is CSS3 Animation. You can get animated objects with webkit-transform, but recently these animations can only be possible to see with Mac Chrome or Safari. Besides the animation, CSS3 provides you the most favorite properties like border-radius and box-shadow. Text shadow has always become designers’ preference because it is able to add more depth in text. Also, you can modify your background design with RGBA and Opacity as these features are able to give semi-transparent effect.

The last but not least, seeing that development  smartphones’ capability in supporting full CSS and Javascript is growing and extending, web design is positively predicted will be enlarged in web design. As a proof, lately many design agencies, editorial web sites, and web applications support smartphone users with a mobile version. (fallen)

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